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Site may refer to:

Location (geography), a point or an area on the Earth’s surface or elsewhere

Archaeological site, a place (or group of physical sites) in which evidence of past activity is preserved

Building site, a place where construction takes place

In information technology:

Website, a set of related web pages containing content

Active Directory Site, an object that represents a geographic location that hosts networks

In mathematics:

Site (mathematics) a category C together with a Grothendieck topology on C

In biochemistry:

Binding site

Active site

In other uses:

SITE Intelligence Group, non-profit organistation tracking Jihadi and White Supremacists organizations

SITE Institute, non-profit anti-terrorism organization

Sindh Industrial and Trading Estate, a company in Sindh, Pakistan

SITE Town, a impact fitness wear promo code densely populated town in Karachi, Pakistan

S.I.T.E Industrial Area, an area in Karachi, Pakistan

Satellite Instructional Television fitness gear wrist weights Experiment, an experimental satellite communications project launched in India in 1975

Sculpture in the Environment, an American architecture firm

Site, a National Register of Historic Places property type

Society of Incentive and Travel Executives

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